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Jody Work

Registered Nurse/Founder
Jody Work, a dedicated healthcare professional, has been a registered nurse since 2012, specializing in aesthetics throughout the course of her career. With a wealth of experience in a variety of aesthetic procedures including laser treatments, Botox/Dysport, filler, skin tightening, microneedling, and peptide therapy, Jody has consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence in the field. Recognized for her meticulous attention to detail and unwavering dedication to patient care, she is esteemed for her expertise and compassionate approach towards her patients.
As an Aesthetic RN, Jody’s primary objective is to cultivate enduring relationships with her patients while delivering exceptional, safe, and fulfilling care. Her mission is to provide personalized treatments that not only enhance the natural beauty of her patients but also boost their confidence and overall well-being. Jody’s holistic approach to aesthetic nursing reflects her belief in the transformative power of aesthetic treatments in improving both physical appearance and self-esteem, thereby empowering individuals to feel their best from the inside out.
A lifelong resident of Santa Cruz and active community member for over four decades, Jody is deeply rooted in her local community and values the trust and respect of those she serves. Through her passion for healthcare advocacy and commitment to delivering top-notch quality care, Jody has established herself as a trusted and sought-after Aesthetic RN renowned for her professionalism, expertise, and genuine care for her patients’ needs.

Everest Goldstein

Nurse Practitioner
Everest Goldstein is a distinguished board-certified nurse practitioner, renowned for her expertise in aesthetics, functional medicine, and mental health. With a profound dedication to the individual wellness of each patient, Everest is committed to providing comprehensive, holistic care to optimize both their appearance and overall well-being. Her academic achievements include a B.A. from Princeton University, a Master in Nursing from Vanderbilt University, and a Master of Education from Southern Methodist University, reflecting her strong educational background and commitment to continual learning and professional development. Notably, she is in the process of completing her functional medicine certification through the esteemed Institute for Functional Medicine, further enhancing her capacity to deliver integrated and personalized care to her patients.
Exemplifying a passion for patient-centered care, Everest Goldstein strives to combine her multi-faceted expertise to empower her patients to look and feel their very best. Her holistic approach acknowledges the interconnectedness of physical, emotional, and mental well-being, ensuring that each facet of her patients’ health is considered and addressed in tandem. Through her unwavering commitment to individualized treatment, Everest aspires to create a positive, transformative experience for her patients, fostering a sense of confidence and vitality that extends beyond mere appearances.
In her leisure time, Everest finds joy in the tranquility of nature, often immersing herself in outdoor activities by the beach or in the mountains, surrounded by friends and family. This connection to the natural world underscores her belief in the restorative power of a balanced and harmonious lifestyle, reflecting her commitment to holistic health and wellness both personally and professionally.
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Dr. Richard Gilbert

Medical Director
After graduating from the University of Nebraska Medical School in 1975, Dr. Gilbert completed a psychiatry residency program at the University of California, Davis in 1979. In his Aptos private practice, he believes in employing the best approaches to healthcare, including Functional Medicine (a systems biology approach to understanding the origin of dysfunction, not just disease) and Personalized Lifestyle Medicine (recognizing how our genes, environment, and lifestyle interact to influence our health).
Dr. Gilbert emphasizes the significance of genetic analysis to his patients, as understanding our genetic makeup can provide insights into our health resilience. He frequently recommends utilizing for this purpose.

In 1994, Richard became involved with Dr. Daniel Amen and his pioneering work with brain SPECT scans, which represents a significant paradigm shift in psychiatry. This technology allows them to directly observe the organ we are treating—the brain—through imaging techniques such as SPECT scans, PET scans, or functional MRI.
During his leisure time, he enjoys activities such as mountain biking, hiking in the redwoods, stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, and wakeboarding with friends and family. 

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